education consultant


Educational counseling is characterized by the desire to offer help, advice, listening and comfort to all those who are facing a difficult time and would like to have a competent and professional point of reference that helps to find solutions and change to the situation you are experiencing education consultant singapore.

The consultancy is carried out by a professional educator, a figure who deals with the human growth of the person, produces and guarantees support processes, activates methodologies and techniques of pedagogical value and has a multidisciplinary training in the field of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy . The tool that best embodies being a professional educator is the IEP (personalized educational project), it is a pedagogical method that allows to bring out and develop the potential of the individual.

The purpose of educational counseling is to give valid answers and targeted advice, promote the growth of the person, allow the overcoming of moments of discomfort and problems of the family, couple relationships, relationships with children and much more.

Personal counseling is not a therapeutic process but is intended to be a support, a guide, an aid in identifying intervention and change strategies.

The services offered by our educational consultant:

Family Mediation helps to resolve conflicting family situations, to compare different points of view to seek a solution to the conflict, accompanies the couple in the delicate phase of separation, taking into account their own needs and the needs of their children.

The counseling invites spouses to collaborate and offers a context in which people can express, through dialogue, listening to their positions, their needs and their mutual expectations, and thus become aware of the importance of the involvement of both as parents, with respect to the well-being of their children, with a view to mutual collaboration.